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28 September 2021
In June our permanent partner - SIBUR - ran the ecological marathon «Consumer Auditor», where we served as experts and held unusual lectures for company employees. The format became experimental for us, as webinars were conducted not only by our speakers but also by invited experts and stars. For example, Buliash Todaevatalked about creative ways to reuse plastic waste, and our webinar about ecological life hacks was spent by Elisaveta Boyarskaya together with us. During the marathon in addition to the lectures, we have prepared...

On September 23-24 we organized the separate waste collection at the National Advertising Forum at the film center «OCTOBER». The event was attended by more than 2,500 people. We set up 7 waste sorting points where people could drop off some categories: plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass. There were our coordinators who helped the guests to properly sort the waste at each location. In total, we collected about 20 kilograms of recyclable materials that went for recycling.

HENDERSON Fashion House shares the idea of responsible consumption and sustainable fashion. So, he launched a project in which experts answer the most popular questions about how to make our world cleaner and wardrobe more sustainable. The managing partner of GC «EcoPartners» Constantin Rzaev told in an interview about the rules and lifehacks of waste sorting, the situation in the processing industry in Russia. Most of the packaging of HENDERSON products can be sent to recycle. You can see the full version of the interview at the...

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