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Taking part in 4th International Congress of regional operators

From July 2ndto July 4thZheleznovodsk hosted the fourth International Congress of regional operators. Transition to a new system of waste handling was the highlight of the agenda. The event was organized by the Association of organizations, operators and waste handling specialists ‘Clean Country’ and Stavropol Region government. EcoTechnologies took part in the event as the leading business in the industry.

Among the participants were Olga Timofeeva, vice president of Russian State Duma; Stavropol governor Vladimir Vladimirov; Georgiy Petrishin, executive chief of ‘Russian Eco Operator’; Ruslan Gubaidullin,  head of ‘Clean Country’ association. Operators from 25 regions and government representatives also were in attendance.

‘The amount of waste that poses danger has grown dramatically with the regular use of masks, gloves, individual safety items and other medical waste. Those working with waste put their lives to risk. Many problems have arisen in the last several months, but none of the regional operators halted their work. I express my gratitude for that.’ – stated vice speaker of State Duma. The governor of Stavropol highlighted the importance of the fact that the waste handling enterprises haven’t altered their working hours despite the pandemic.

In the form of a public debate, governmental support mechanisms for stable functioning of the industry were discussed.

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