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Purchase of recycled polymers

EcoTechnologies is Russia largest recycler of post-consumer PET bottles. The volume of consumption in 2014-2015 is over 14.000 Mt annually. We buy compressed PET bottles (sorted by colours or mixed) and also recycled pet in following forms:

  • PET lumps,
  • preforms,
  • lists,
  • packaging tapes

The secondary polymers recycling industry is constantly developing and we are also interested in purchasing of the following waste:

  • overwrap,
  • unsorted waste of polyethylene, polypropylene and PET (dishes, covers, etc),
  • waste of PET flakes recycling (hackled mix of polyethylene cover, packing and polypropylene).

To sell your PET bottles and other recycled polymers or to cooperate you can address to our offices in Moscow or Tver.

If you have PET waste but you have no opportunity to press it we are ready to provide you with the press (see Terms and Conditions).

EcoTechnologies is interested in establishment of long-term strategic relations with everyone who is ready to collect and supply secondary PET bottles. We are capable of enabling you not only to sell bottles but also be able to plan and develop your business:

  • Our Company and intentions are absolutely sincere and transparent. We are ready to prepay volumes in advance in case of good price and quantities;
  • If there are other small suppliers in your district, we can suggest you become a regional consolidator of suppliers to EcoTechnologies on beneficial financial terms;
  • In case you have PET bottles and an opportunity to collect them, we are ready to provide you with your own press and to instruct you how to press PET bottles;
  • If you have other types of household rubbish (polyethylene films, paper etc.) we will help you to realize them at a favorable price;
  • All other ideas about cooperation will be considered – feel free to contact us.

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