Secondary polymers recycling plant located in city of Tver (160 km far from Moscow) is the real pride of EcoTechnologies. Launched in November 2005, today the plant is the largest one in terms of rePET recycling in Russia.

We use the following resources in our production:

  • post consumer PET and HDPE bottles, LDPE and mixed PE films and scrap;
  • assorted scrap ex MRF;
  • industrial waste;
  • commercial waste


Our end products are clean PET flakes, secondary PE granules and compounds.

For more information about our products please visit our Products section.

The plant is equipped with durable easy-to-use equipment made with stainless steel which is most appropriate for recycling of secondary polymers in Russia. All production sections are modernized in terms of equipment and optimized in terms of procedures via combined effort of our technical engineers.

Well-proven production technologies make implementation of the Company’s strategy possible. The Company has been increasing existing production capacities and plans to open new manufacturing sites in key regions of Russia.

In October 2008 the first in Russia E-Sort™ Automated Sorting System was put into operation. The System is aimed to sort PET bottles in respect of colors (see more information in News section).

EcoTechnologies’ engineering unit is located in Rzhev – that is EcoMechanics™ design bureau and production facilities.

EcoMechanica’s products are the newest technologies and equipment aimed to sort and recycle plastics and solid industrial and household waste as well as high quality conveyors under E-Sort™ trademark. For more information please visit Products.

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