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Regional Ecological Programs

One of the key business directions of “EcoTechnologies” Ltd is complex ecologic program development. We help solving problems of different scale and offer solutions suited for any budget, including:

  • installation of presses specialized for PET bottles, polyethylene, waste paper and textile
  • delivery of equipment for primary reprocessing of waste sorted, for example, scrap grinder for PET bottles shredding
  • development of programs aimed to improve ecological situation in regions, solution of concrete ecological problems
  • delivery of sorting equipment – simple sorting conveyors for separation of most popular solid waste to be recycled
  • “turn-key” delivery of modern waste sorting plants, process flow consulting
  • Off-take of all kinds of waste sorted.

All cases stated above need individual solution so we invite you to send your offer with brief description of your idea on our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax +7 (495) 745-78-29.

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