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TPRP donated PET-flakes for EcoYolka in Gorky Park

EcoYolka - an art object that creates a festive mood and draws attention to the problem of waste sorting was installed in Gorky Park. To create the Christmas tree, our Tver Polymer Recycling Plant donated 1 ton of blue PET flakes.

Waste from the residents of Kolomna and Kashira district, which passed industrial sorting at the «Yug» and «Don» waste processing complexes, was used as the main building material. EcoYolka was created by the team of industrial designer Bulyash Todayeva.

All materials from which the tree is made are reused. After the New Year's holidays, the metal frame will be disassembled and sent for melting. At the base of the tree there are three briquettes with sorted plastic bottles, packaging for household chemicals and other polymer products - they will be sent for recycling. All 1,500 kg of raw materials will receive a second life and return to the production cycle.

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