Post-consumer low density polyethylene (reLDPE granules)

Raw materials for production of recycled polyethylene are polyethylene bottles, canisters, covers from PET bottles received from spoil disposals and waste sorting plants.

AO EcoTechnologies uses high technologies of EcoMechanics™ for qualitative separation and sanding polyethylene for ensuring the high-purity of reLDPE granules and stability of melt flow index in various trademarks.

reLDPE offered by us can be used in production of geogrids, drain-pipes, pallets, vegetable boxes, shoulders, watering pots and pails and even for blowing bottles for non-food explotation.

reLDPE is delivered in the form of agglomerate and granulates.

Concerning buying reLDPE granules please contact Commercial Department.

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