The First Eco-Route with Objects Made from Recycled Materials to Launch Soon in The Leningrad Region

In the autumn of 2023, Viola, in collaboration with the Directorate of the Special Protected Natural Territories of the Leningrad Region, will open a unique ecological route in the Toksovo District of the Leningrad Region. All the elements of this route will be created from secondary plastic, specifically recycled packaging from processed cheese.
The Kurgolovskaya ethno-path will combine ecological and ethnographic concepts. Informational signs and art objects will not only be dedicated to the flora and fauna but also to the history and culture of the peoples who have long inhabited the territory of the Leningrad Region and the Karelian Isthmus. This path will be part of the Trail 47 Project initiated by the regional government.

The trail will pass through the territory of the Toksovo Natural Park in the Vsevolozhsky District of the Leningrad Region. The park is located 40 km from St. Petersburg, in the southern part of the Karelian Isthmus, near Kurgolovskoye and Kavgolovskoye lakes. This area holds the status of a specially protected natural area and is popular among both local residents and visitors from St. Petersburg.

Specialists from the Directorate of the Special Protected Natural Territories of the Leningrad Region, in collaboration with Viola, will create a route along the shore of Lake Kurgolovskoye, with a total length of about 2.5 km, suitable for walks and hiking of various difficulty levels. They will also establish modern and comfortable infrastructure and art objects. Visitors to the path, while enjoying a pleasant countryside stroll, will embark on a quest to find the wild violet, Viola, growing in the vicinity of Toksovo. They will get to know the flora and fauna of the region, its history, and reflect on the importance of responsible treatment of nature and conscious consumption.

The material for the objects that will appear on the eco-path will be recycled plastic PP05. The infrastructure made from this material was created by the company EcoTechnologies in collaboration with the Tver Plant for Secondary Polymers (part of the EcoPartners Group) on Viola's request, recycling 2 tons of packaging from the company's processed cheese.
For Viola, environmental conservation is an integral part of the brand's identity. Last year, the company underwent a rebranding of its products, and after its completion, we pondered the fate of several tons of packaging for Viola processed cheese, which the company can no longer use. We decided not only to recycle the packaging but also to create something useful, pleasant for people, and symbolizing our care for nature, shared Natalia Dobrynina, Senior Vice President of Viola, Marketing, Product Development, and Quality.
The plastic obtained from recycling will be incorporated into a polymer-sand composite, a durable and long-lasting material of the latest generation. Benches, informational signs, and other objects, which will become part of the Kurgolovskaya ethno-path's infrastructure, will be produced from this material.

Informational stands along the route will provide insights into the lives and traditions of the tribes that have long inhabited this region, leaving a significant mark on the culture and landscape. Visitors to the path will learn about the folk crafts, holidays, customs, and beliefs of peoples such as the Vod, Izhora, Veps, and Karelians. The company will announce more details about the art objects supporting this theme later.

Coordinates of the ecological-ethnographic route "Ethno-Path Kurgolovskaya" are 60.188448, 30.547983.