Open Doors Day at TPRP

Factory 2022
Relatives of the employees learned about our plant, were able to see their relatives' workplaces and understand how important their work is. Colleagues told about their work and answered guests' questions.

On the master class children made butterflies from plastic bottles, magnets on the fridge, a construction set from the caps. At the end of the meeting kids were gifted wonderful books - «Garbage is a Collective Concept».

 «…No one but us will save our planet... your parents and I are already helping to solve this important problem for our future. In one factory we make machines to sort the garbage, in another we turn waste into useful goods, our other associates give lectures in schools, and all together we, as a Group of Companies, are doing one great job.» - Konstantin Rzayev, Managing Partner of EcoPartners Group of Companies, a message to the young readers of this book.

We are sure that now more people will treat the world around us more carefully!