German Popov gives his assessment of the import ban for recycled plastics

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By September 1, measures will be published to stimulate the use of Russian secondary materials in the production of goods. One of these measures could be restrictions on the import of secondary materials from other countries.
German Popov noted that in Russia, recycled plastics are still in short supply, and after such a ban, prices will continue to rise until they surpass those of primary raw materials. He emphasized that the import of raw materials can only be stopped when there is 100% control over the sorting of incoming waste. Currently, according to their data, only 20% to 40% of the incoming waste is sorted in the best case, while the rest is either disposed of in landfills or incinerated.

For the full article, see here: https://rg.ru/2023/07/25/vlasti-mogut-ogranichit-vvoz-vtorsyria-v-rossiiu.html