Konstantin Rzaev talks about polymer packaging trends and how they relate to EPR

Conferences 2023
Konstantin Rzaev, Managing Partner of EcoPartners, spoke on October 27 at the Creon conference "Polymers in Packaging 2023" and shared fresh recycling industry analytics.
According to Konstantin Rzaev's assessment, the main challenge in adopting the new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) mechanism becomes multilayer packaging – both for recycling and for manufacturers themselves. The diversification of eco-collection rates for different types of packaging based on their recyclability will be a crucial development.

Konstantin Rzaev believes that multilayer packaging needs to be standardized and simplified to make it more consumable among recyclers. In this regard, stricter requirements are expected from recyclers, collectors, and regulators.

Some insights into the future of polymer packaging:

  • rPET is steadily gaining a share in rigid packaging compared to HDPE and PP due to its "green characteristics": ease of collection, established recycling technologies, and proven methods of reintroduction into new packaging.
  • Recycled PP and HDPE will be less prioritized for sustainable packaging projects in the long term due to the difficulties in their application, especially in blow-molded products.
  • In flexible packaging, where possible, research and direct transitions continue to occur with the appearance of monomaterials on the shelf. These are mainly BOPP and polyolefin (PP-PE – full-PO) compositions promoted by responsible manufacturers who believe in the "green agenda."