Olga Stadnik Shares Her Experience of Launching a Recycling Workshop at The Ecosystem Forum

Conferences 2023
On December 14, Olga Stadnik, the head of the EcoTechLab Center, presented a report titled “EcoTechnologies’ Experience in Creating Modern Eco Spaces. Recycling Workshop at TotalCycle” at the Ecosystem forum within the Russia exhibition.
Olga discussed how her team established the workshop and sustainable packaging laboratory at the new TotalCycle plant in Tver, which opened in September 2023.

In the laboratory, research is conducted to improve the recyclability of products and plastic packaging. The main goal of the workshop is to transform waste into useful items, such as souvenir products (clocks, smartphone stands, Christmas ornaments, etc.). Experiments and master classes take place, showcasing processes like material crushing, melting, 3D printing, and more.

Visitors who tour the TotalCycle plant witness how a bottle transforms into PET flakes. Meanwhile, in the workshop, useful new items are created from the same bottle caps.

TotalCycle aims to promote environmental awareness as one of its goals, engaging city residents and the country in responsible waste management.