Nina Ilyina to speak on June 1 at Russian Retail Week 2023

Conferences EcoEducation 2023
On June 1, during the Russian Retail Week, the Ecological Union, with the support of the retail chain Lenta and the company GRASS, will hold an expert session titled "How to Make CTM More Ecological So That Customers Vote with their Rubles." Nina Ilyina, a sustainable development expert at EcoTechnologies, will join the discussion.
Nina Ilyina will share expert commentary on making the brand’s offerings more eco-friendly and communicating that to the consumer. Her focus will be on Russian and international cases, as well as recommendations for brands.

Discussion topics will include:
  • What is the attitude of buyers towards eco-friendly products in 2023?
  • How do owners of private brands and manufacturers assess their work in the eco-segment?
  • In which product categories is it worth developing eco-lines first?
  • How to make private brands more ecological? Tools, Russian and international cases, recommendations.
  • How to communicate eco-initiatives by private brands to ensure that customers vote for the product with their dollar?

Representatives from ECR Sustainability, the NAFI Analytical Center, Glorus-Nord, VkusVill, Magnit, GRASS, Synergetic, the Leaf of Life eco-label (Ecological Union), Unilever, and Mi&Ko will participate in the session.

The session will take place on June 1 from 14:30 to 16:00 both offline at the International Trade Center (Hall A) and online. The full program and registration details are available on the event website.