Tver Polymers Recycling Plant (TPRP), a part of «EcoPartners» group of companies, was launched in Tver in 2005.
Largest plastic waste recycler in Russia.
Recycling all the major types of plastics
PET flakes
PET strap band
HDPE regrind
PP regrind
PE – PP mixed (granulated)
TPRP is an integral production plant and is recognized by Tver Government as a utilizing facility.
Over 80 mil. PET and HDPE bottles recycled monthly
The staff at the plant consists of over 300 members. Among our partners are dozens of MNCs that use plastic packaging for their produce.
Responsible Employer since 2005
We recycle 25 000 tons of plastic waste annually, serving as an example of the appeal and viability of the recycling business in Russia
— German Popov, TPRP CEO
Our story
The History of TPRP goes all the way back to 2005. The 17 years have brought many changes, and we are delighted to welcome you onto a tour of our past
Workshops get renovated; the working conditions get improved. New modern restrooms, locker rooms and showers are installed.
Monthly output rises to 300 tons.
Purchased and set up is an Italian production line for Technoplastik PET Strap. Now, most green-colored flakes are channeled into its production. The manpower of the plant reaches 100 people.
Procedurization is carried out, technical regulations are enforced, a debottlenecking helps increase output volumes. In the depths of the tool workshop an own production of high-quality assembly lines is launched, which, in a couple of years, was transformed into a new machinery construction business unit of the EcoMechanics Holding (hereafter – «RzhevMash»)
Both the production volumes and the number of use scenarios increase for PET strap band and PET flakes (now up to 500 tons a month).
Due to sorting sector reconstruction, bottles can now be sorted into all 4 major colors: transparent, blue, green and brown.
A preliminary PET bottles preparation and washing sector is launched, dramatically boosting the quality and productivity of the manual sorting. The workforce reaches the 200 mark.
The plant is given its modern name – Tver Polymers Recycling Plant. Flags with an updated logo rise proudly over the building. End of the year marks the purchase and launch of the second PET washing line, bringing the recycled output quantity up to 1200 tons per month.
TPRP's 10th anniversary is marked by a grand celebration – a cruise along the Volga River, a picnic and riverside sports, a presentation of a new uniform, the renovation of the venues. The anniversary is directly followed by large-scale modernization and expansion plans, which, as it usually goes, are carried out within the New Year holidays. Moreover, an adjacent building is acquired to launch recycling of HDPE packaging.
In January, the TPRP technical specialists manage to meet tight deadlines in fulfilling the 10-year anniversary Plan of modernization and expansion, making it possible to reach volumes of 900 tons a month as soon as beginning of summer. Before the end of the year, the preliminary work on the second workshop is over, which means now we can start to recycle HDPE flasks and canisters. It is in that building that we first recycle PE-PP caps in the framework of our partnership with 'Kind Caps', a charity project by «Volunteers to The Orphans' Rescue' fund».
With eyes set on expanding the most narrow sector (color-sorting bottles) and creating a spot for taking in Tver's separately collected waste (as a part of a campaign initiated back in 2015), another sorting warehouse is opened with a productivity rate of 200 tons of plastic waste a month (PET, HDPE and PP). This innovation boosts HDPE sorting numbers to a monthly average of 220-230 tons. TPRP's socially responsible activity progresses, too: 2017 marks a collaboration with 'EcoBytService' to set in motion a separate waste collection project in Tver that involved installing over 500 containers produced by 'RzhevMash'(part of EcoPartners group of companies) and thus giving over half of the citizens access to waste separation.
The beginning of the year saw the long-anticipated launch of TPRP's first automatic sorting sector by TOMRA; the engineering of the sector was done by our 'RzhevMash' colleagues. This investment helped increase the PET flakes output volumes to 1,350 tons a month.
The monthly strap band volumes now reach 140 tons, PET flake volumes – 1,500 tons. Another adjacent building becomes our property, and, when renovated, will be home for the first specialized foil recycling line. Within the year the plant hosted over 200 visiting groups – competitors, media, schoolkids, government officials, auditors, international corporations' representatives, eco-activists – we are grateful to everyone for the genuine interest they have taken in our operations and contribution to development of closed-loop economics in Russia.
In April, the foil recycling line is launched, still undergoing modernization throughout the year, but gradually raising the output volumes. First optical automatic color sorting mechanisms begins to operate, significantly contributing to the purity of the produce. For the first time ever, the plant hosts multiple experimental attempts to recycle unconventional packaging types (multilayered pouch bags to coat hangers). Towards the end of the year, one more building, with an area of approximately 440,000 square feet, is acquired nearby to expand all existing production units. This step is a reflection of both the demands of the market and the investors' faith in recycling, closed-loop economy and Sustainable development values.
In the conditions of extreme PET scrap deficiency, a combination of production-modernizing operations is carried out, vibroseparation and photoseparation sectors for PET flakes are launched, allowing to stabilize and increase our premium PET sheet supply segment. The tricks of LDPE trade are acquired, with monthly output reaching 100 tons. Temporary 'silence' incentivized R&D and exploring recycling of new plastic waste and flexible packaging types, building a foundation for future growth. At the same time, renovation and engineering of the new building have come to an end.
In the beginning of 2005 an existing building is acquired at the site of the former Tver ChemFiber plant, and as soon as November the first production line is launched, recycling PET bottles into flakes.
The team learns the tricks of effective recycling, boosting monthly output of PET flakes to 200 tons.
Mission and Core Values
Konstantin Rzaev
Senior partner, «EcoPartners» group of companies
«EcoPartners» is a living example and proof of the appeal and viability of the recycling business in Russia. The goals we have set before ourselves are efficient use of household and manufacture waste and a dramatic turnaround of the ecological state the country is in.

Our products made from recycled polymers significantly diminish the burden on landfills and satisfy the demand set by our customers, saving them money and allowing the production of socially essential goods.

A crucial factor in reaching these goals is the way we truly care about our team and provide them with opportunities for growth. Also, we pride ourselves in our civilized business habits and a clear vision of our perspectives.
Bringing mission to life (step by step)
  • Pushing recycling forward
    The constant development and enrichment of the ways we recycle polymers: PET bottles, polyethylene and other solid household waste.
  • Seeking new solutions
    Constant research to obtain the most state-of-the-art technological solutions for Russian market of sorting and recycling.
  • Integrated programs
    Realization of integrated programs to benefit the ecology in regional Russia and other developing countries.
Our Sustainable Development Strategy
«EcoPartners» group of companies' Sustainable Development strategy has at its foundation four global goals. Our business units – Tver Polymers Recycling Plant, EcoTechnologies Company, RzhevMash machine-building plant and BottleBank, producer of fandomats – contribute most to the following areas:
Konstantin Rzaev
Konstantin Rzaev
Senior partner, «EcoPartners» group of companies
German Popov
German Popov
Konstantin Rzaev
Konstantin Rzaev
Senior partner, «EcoPartners» group of companies
German Popov
German Popov
Gratitude and Recommendation Letters
Reviews of our work
Reviews of our work